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They built this city with a lot of work

By Terry Greenberg
Avalanche-Journal Editor

Here we go.

The Avalanche-Journal sorted through a few hundred names of people who helped Lubbock become the Hub of the South Plains over the city’s first 100 years.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 people and will start counting them down next week, ending with No. 1 on March 29, 2009.

But more than 100 people helped create, build and nurture this city. Here are a number of them, in alphabetical order with a word or two about what they are known for.

These names came from a committee of A-J staff and local history experts and submissions from the public.

As we said last week, there’s very little difference between numbers 100 and 101, but we had to cut the list somewhere.

We also, below and in the upcoming countdown, have picked a family for its impact in some cases, not just one member.

Finally, we will continue to take nominations for the following list ... send them to We will add more information about the following people and, when the countdown is done, we’ll create one master list on our Centennial Web site.

So even though the top 100 list is set, this will be a fluid process that can be updated over the years.

  • Jay Boy Adams, music
  • O.V. Adams, Texas Tech
  • John Agnew, pioneer builder
  • Suzanna Akers and Yvonne Racz, Ballet Lubbock
  • Howard Alford, agriculture
  • Terry Allen, music and art
  • Donny Anderson, football
  • Davis Armistead, medicine
  • Nelda Armstrong, business
  • Shanna Armstrong, sports
  • Sam Arnett, pioneer ranching and banking
  • Lennis Baker, business, former mayor
  • Roy Bass, former mayor
  • Pauline Bean, Texas Tech, arts
  • Ron Betenbough, builder
  • Bob Blake, oil and “presidential advisor”
  • Blankenship family, development
  • Joe W. Bowman, lumber
  • George Brewer, medicine
  • Paul Cates, business and civic involvement
  • J.W. Chapman, busines
  • Max Coleman, law and land
  • J.D. Caldwell, business
  • Harold M. Chatman, civic involvement
  • W.R. Collier, banking
  • Cummings family, business and law
  • Arno Dalby, business
  • Rev. A. Davis, religion
  • Eddie Dixon, sculptor
  • Tavita Dorow, civic involvement
  • Georgia Dingus, Texas Tech
  • Isaac Ellwood, cattle
  • Joe Ely, musician
  • Roy Forkner, agriculture
  • S.S. Forrest Jr., business
  • S. Lamar Forrest, business
  • W.O. Fortenberry, agriculture
  • Tina Fuentes, arts
  • Shirley Garrison, philantrophy
  • Tomas Garza, law
  • Mrs. H.F Godeke, civic involvement
  • Dr. William H. Gordon Sr., medicine
  • Dr. J. Ralph Grant, religion
  • Lucille “Sugar” Graves, first African American to enroll at Texas Tech
  • Jerry Gray, football
  • Curtis Griffith, banking
  • E.J. Holub, football
  • Rev. O.D. Hollings, religion
  • Floyd Honey, education
  • Dr. Brandon Hull, medicine
  • Henry Huneke, development
  • Ince family, oil
  • Ed Irons, education
  • Virgil Johnson, education and music
  • Ken Jones, education
  • Carolyn Jordan, city politics
  • R.E. Karper, agriculture
  • Louis Kelly, sports coach
  • Ron Kendall, Texas Tech
  • Key family, banking
  • J.T. King, Texas Tech athletics
  • Judge Emil Louis Klett, law
  • Rabbi Alexander Kline, religion
  • Chuck Lanehart, law
  • George Langford, agriculture and Texas Tech sports
  • Gary Lawrence, Lubbock Economic Development Alliance
  • A.H. Leidigh. Texas Tech
  • Jessie Lee, business
  • J.D. Lindsey, business
  • Dr. F.L. Lovings, civic involvement
  • John Malouf, business
  • W.P. Martin, agriculture
  • Dr. R.W. Matthews, education
  • Willie McCool, shuttle astronaut
  • Jeanne McHaney, Texas Tech athletics
  • Ethel McLeod, business
  • Bill Miller, business
  • Bernhard Mittemeyer, military and medicine
  • Jorge Moreno, business, civic involvement
  • Gerald Myers, Texas Tech athletics
  • Sam Nader, religion
  • Bob Nash, media and city politics
  • Katie Parks, civic involvement
  • Dr. Cliff Payne, medicine
  • Charley Pope, banking and civic involvement
  • A.E. Quest, agriculture
  • Dr. Gabor Racz, medicine
  • Father Ramirez, religion
  • Ramiro Ramirez, arts
  • James Recker, Texas Tech’s Vietnam Center
  • Jane Gilmour Rushing, writer
  • Dr. Robert Salem, medicine
  • Froy Salinas, politics
  • George Scott, education
  • Judge Rodrick Shaw, law
  • Michael Sheehan, religion
  • Travis Shelton, law
  • Lillie Spikes, business and civic involvement
  • Dr. Fred Standefer, medicine
  • W.L. Stangel, education
  • Dr. Allen Stewart, medicine
  • A.C. Struggs, education
  • Sheryl Swoopes, basketball
  • Dan Thornton, ranching and politics
  • Luis Trejo, civic involvement
  • A.C. Verner, business
  • Judge J.Q. Warnick, law
  • Mike and Nancy Weiss, politics
  • John Wilkerson, business
  • George Woods, former mayor

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